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What do we do


The CalmKaaj Network will be a catalyst for an interconnected ecosystem where tech entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers, established businesses, and community organizations thrive in a vibrant and inclusive environment.


To transform loosely connected groups into a healthy community of CK Network members, who contribute high value to their own business ventures as well as to the community’s ecosystem, while propelling CK Network towards sustainability.

Four Pillars

The CalmKaaj Network is defined by a multi-pronged strategy. It is a powerful approach that involves the simultaneous - or marginally phased out - pursuit of multiple interconnected pillars or workstreams. This allows for a comprehensive and well-rounded approach to achieve overarching goals.


We have envisioned a strategy built upon four pillars, representing distinct areas of focus that collectively contribute to the success of CK.


These four pillars or workstreams, serve as the foundation for a robust and integrated strategy. Each pillar represents a key aspect or dimension that, when addressed in unison, creates a synergy that propels the organization forward. By combining efforts across these pillars, the strategy gains strength and resilience, providing a holistic framework for sustainable growth and success.


Imagine these pillars as interconnected and interdependent, working together to reinforce and complement one another. Each pillar represents a unique domain, and together they create a solid framework that supports the organization's overall objectives and guides decision-making.


Our multipronged strategy recognizes that a single-dimensional approach may limit the potential for success. By embracing multiple pillars, it acknowledges the complexity and interconnectedness of today's business landscape. It enables CK to address diverse challenges, seize opportunities, and navigate through uncertainties with a comprehensive perspective.


When integrated, these four pillars create a comprehensive ecosystem that fuels success. Coworking Spaces and Services provide a collaborative and supportive physical environment. Professional Consultancy Services offer expert guidance and solutions. Community and Partnerships foster collaboration, networking, and business opportunities. Learning Pathways drive continuous improvement and skills enhancement.


"In the intricate dance of progress, a multipronged strategy emerges as the symphony of success, orchestrating diverse elements to harmonize and achieve greatness."

Coworking Spaces & Services

  1. Private offices

  2. Individual workstations

  3. Conference room bookings

  4. Event spaces

  5. Professional office amenities

Coworking spaces have become increasingly popular in Pakistan, offering professionals a flexible and collaborative work environment. According to industry reports, the number of coworking spaces in Pakistan has increased by 78% over the past three years, with major cities like Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad witnessing the highest concentration of such spaces.


To ensure the success and effectiveness of coworking spaces, commitment to best practices is crucial, and all providers intend to deliver the critical triple objective; fostering collaboration and networking, providing flexibility and cost-efficiency, and cultivating a productive and inspiring environment. Each may pursue these in different ways and each journey would be at a different stage. 


At CK, we consider our first, flagship project - the city center facility in Islamabad's business district - a platform which organically lends itself to value creation. We remain committed to our three-pronged value proposition; prime location, exceptional service, and pro bono mentorship. In addition, we aim to strengthen members' business prospects by channeling projects to the ones with appropriate skill sets and experience.


Our members' success is our success, and we whole heartedly contribute to each network member's efforts towards it.


Community & Partnerships

  1. Networking events

  2. Mentorship workshops

  3. Member Directory and online platform

  4. Collaboration and project matching

  5. Social impact projects

Community - groups of individuals who come together based on shared interests, values or goals, fostering a sense of belonging and support - plays a pivotal role in shaping the overall experience of the coworking model which actively promotes partnerships amongst members. In a startup ecosystem, community engagement is driven through partnerships, which may take various forms ranging from informal collaborations on specific projects to more structured business partnerships.


CK intends to run a lean operation, relying on a robust, credible and skillful selection of partners who would share our responsibility of retaining skilled resources, sharing online platforms for member directories, project matchmaking, and shared knowledge databases. We intend to co-create engagement models, playbooks, compensation structures and market outreach. We expect to arrive at healthy, enriched win-win results. 


At CK, we believe that community, family, society, and nation are interconnected entities that influence and rely on each other. A strong community supports and nurtures families, contributes to a vibrant society, and forms the foundation of a cohesive nation. In this regard, CK's focus is driven by UN's Sustainable Development Goals, to which Pakistan is a signatory, and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) standards which originated from the increasing recognition that businesses should consider not only financial performance but also their environmental and social responsibilities. Our priorities for 2023-2024 are inclusion of underserved communities such as women, children, differently abled and transgender members of our community.


"Community is not just a collection of individuals; it is a tapestry of shared stories, support, and belonging that weaves together the fabric of our lives."


Professional Consulting Services

  1. Business strategy and planning

  2. Financial advisory

  3. Talent management

  4. Recruitment referrals

  5. Legal and compliance

  6. Marketing and branding

Our people are our most precious asset. Amongst them are our founders and senior management who, collectively, are the compass that guides CK through the intricate maze of challenges, illuminating the path to success with expertise, insight, and a commitment to excellence.


Our founders are knowledgeable and experienced individuals who provide expert advice and solutions to clients in a specific field or industry. They possess deep expertise, gained through years of practical experience and specialized training. Over the years, their credibility as effective advisors, mentors, and consultants has been cemented in the region and the industry.


We envision CK as a lean organization, one that strives for efficiency, waste reduction, and continuous improvement in its operations. To achieve this and offer world class consultancies to the market in the areas of strategy and business planning, technology and IT, financial and accounting, marketing and branding, human resources and talent, legal and compliance, operations and supply chain, social impact and sustainability, we rely heavily on partnerships and alliance. 


"Professional services consultancies are the catalysts of transformation, bringing expertise, insight, and innovation to unlock the full potential of businesses."


Learning Pathways

  1. Basic skills training

  2. Vocational trainings

  3. Entrepreneurship and small business support

  4. Access to educational resources

  5. Career guidance and job placement assistance

  6. Internships and returnships for women

Pakistan is the sixth most populous country in the world, with 64% of its population below the age 30 and youth unemployment rate as high as 8.5%. According to the National Computing Education Accreditation Council (NCEAC), Pakistan produces around 20,000 computing graduates, but less than 50% of them are termed as quality graduates by Pakistan Software Houses Association (P@SHA). There exists an industry-academia skills gap, where our graduates need skilling, reskilling and upskilling to get accepted into the job market. Pakistan ranks 164th in the world for its investments in education as a measurement of its commitment to economic growth, according to the first ever scientific study ranking countries for levels of human capital.


If we focus on the largest underserved segment in Pakistan - women - we discover that in Pakistan, women face numerous challenges when unable to work due to social, cultural, and economic factors. These obstacles hinder their personal growth, independence, and overall well-being.  Key issues include gender inequality, limited financial independence, social stigma, lack of skill development, limited healthcare access, and marital and family pressure.


Addressing these challenges requires efforts from the government, civil society, and the community to promote gender equality, provide education and training, enhance financial inclusion, and challenge social norms.


Empowering women with technology knowledge is  like giving them wings to soar beyond limitations and reach their fullest potential.


We shall soon be adding content about the three additional segments of society - children, differently abled, rural and tier 2 cities and villages' population, and transgenders. In the meantime, we are focusing on Women in IT  which, by nearly all research documented, indicates that unless women of Pakistan are skilled enough to enter the documented economy as workers and participants, progress towards a wholesome society is near impossible.

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